Back To Reality

ya okay right there? … More Back To Reality


…nyfw ootd…

Hello, again!!! I’m so happy that I can update todat even though I should be doing my homeworks rn and not be in a child’s birthday party. It doesn’t really suck except for some awkward family convos. I’m seriously not getting the hang of it. Anyway, here it is!!! A new fashion set that can … More …nyfw ootd…

Wait, what?

You ever been so blank that you didn’t know what to write?  Well, that’s my situation right now.  I try coming up with things to write but I just suck at it.  So, I’m just gonna give you a glimpse of my last year’s summer. And also, I’ve been my eyebrows lately… I realized that … More Wait, what?

January Chills

Hi, guys!!! I’m baaaack… I miss my blog sooo much and everyone of you. So, this was supposed to be an outfit inspo for the election last year but I thought that it was too much… I guess?  And I really really would love to share this set to you guys because I love it. … More January Chills

Fall Perfume

Hello, everyone!!! I’m back!!! School kept me busy for weeks and gladly we have a four day vacation right now. woot! woot! Happy daaay!! I’m so excited to share to you my newest post for this month that is all about my ideal fall perfume. I fell in love with “Chloe” when I was venturing their … More Fall Perfume