I Feel Gloomy

So, I have been emotionally unstable lately ( I guess ) because I’m confused and frustrated af. I even talked to my friends and it kind of helped but then, it’s still in there. I know…

it’s weird and stuff because I’m not myself recently. I just feel so sensitive and I hate it. When you know that someone is the reason behind all that mess, it’s making me weak and I just want to curl on my bed and cry so hard.

So, I listened to music to cope up with my unsettled feelings. And I’ve been obsessing with Meghan Trainor’s song, “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”,┬ábecause the feels is just straight on point. It has a direct hit. I don’t know why I’m acting like this, an exasperated food lover letting someone make her vulnerable.

Listen here

It wasn’t suppose to be this hard and very complicated. But, it’s just what I’m now expecting.


I wore stripes. Maybe, it’ll straighten my crooked thoughts. It didn’t work, unfortunately miserable for the girl who’s so new this (the emotions I mean). And some dark jeans to make the atmosphere gloomier.

I can’t say much because…


P.S Even the cupcake is in black and white.


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