On the Streets

 Because there’s no class today since my school is celebrating one of the founders’ 101st birthday, I decided to update. And while writing this, I was listening to the song, “Rather Be” so I kind of got an inspiration to compose something casual, at the same time ‘rocker chic’ , like what they call it. Well, I don’t know really much about it so I’ll just let it go and be a lose. LOL.
Anyways, I made the set below in Polyvore and I think I was feeling the ‘Cara Delevingne’ vibes that time so the input happened. I mean who doesn’t love Cara? Like she’s amazing, funny, inspiring, brave, beautiful and…. uhm okay so much about Cara and how I fangirl when it comes to her.

 on the streets
So, a dark blue sleeveless dress that’s looking preppy goes well with a pair of black platforms and a cinnamon-colored belt. A layered necklace looks fine but it’s only optional on the overall outfit and also the earrings. But the shades gives you the feeling of its necessity. The make up makes everything complete especially when you use the nude colors. It’s like a savior to almost everything. The high ponytail is a must too, but you can always put your hair down. And sporting a leather jacket and a tawny-colored bag, then you’re good to go.

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