Chic Visit

I got to visit H&M last Thursday with my mum and my sisters. I  had my eye on this particular that kinda looks like the one above. It actually made me fall in love with it. But then I fitted it, It doesn’t look good on me. So, I decided to get over it, I’m gonna blog about it.
Boho Chic


I’m the kind to just remain casual in whatever I wear because I definitely believe that it’s how you carry your outfit that makes you look classy and straight out of a magazine cover  or a fashion show. I’m not the type to over accessorize because my main is on the overall outfit.
The long-sleeved dress that looks kind of bohemian goes with a nice black strappy heels. An off white colored messenger bag goes with it. The headband is optional but it’s cute.
It’s not really necessary to follow the set but it’s just a guide or somewhat and inspiration to your style.

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