Fall Perfume

Hello, everyone!!! I’m back!!!
School kept me busy for weeks and gladly we have a four day vacation right now. woot! woot! Happy daaay!! I’m so excited to share to you my newest post for this month that is all about my ideal fall perfume.
I fell in love with “Chloe” when I was venturing their Instagram account. Just by looking through the pictures, you can really see how it can make you feel free and giddy. The details, fabrics, design, and etc. are just simply amazing.
Fall Perfume


Chloé chloe perfume
2,755 PHP – harrods.com

I first got a glimpse of its smell when I was in Duty Free. When I first tried it, I felt like I was in a movie, doing a slow motion scene where I was feeling it passionately, closing my eyes to embrace its scent. I imagined that I was in yacht in Cannes wearing a flowing white dress, white wedges, a lipstick, and facing the sun through my sunglasses. Or maybe enjoying an afternoon picnic in the park or the backyard or even simply reading a book in my favorite coffee shop.
I’m looking forward to it. What about you?

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