…nyfw ootd…

Hello, again!!! I’m so happy that I can update todat even though I should be doing my homeworks rn and not be in a child’s birthday party. It doesn’t really suck except for some awkward family convos. I’m seriously not getting the hang of it.

Anyway, here it is!!! A new fashion set that can hopefully help you.

So, this set is an inspo for the upcoming New York Fashion Week. Yey!!!

nyfw ootd

nyfw ootd by joantr featuring quote wall art

The hustle in New York streets gave me an idea to create this set. It’s about blending into the corporate world of New York but never out of style.

So, what do you guys think? Lemme know!


5 thoughts on “…nyfw ootd…

  1. I relly like the set! But as for me it way too usual for the fashion week) I’d rather go for something more out thee, you know. But, well, in the end of the day, fashion is about inner beauty anyways))


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