Beanies for days

Hi, guys! So, it’s been a few since I last posted and since my exams are coming up, I thought I should post something while I still have time.
I made this outfit inspo three months ago and I take procrastination to a whole new level. And also, school. Ugh. Seriously though.
But anyway, I’m feeling all cozy and preferring the company of myself than with other people because you know, you just need space from everyone.
Beanies for days


So, the grey bohemian-themed dress is the second thing I saw after the cute white beanie. Then, an edgy suede pair of booties , black faux leather backpack, and an awesome phone case will do the trick.
What I’m trying to say in this post is that, send ’em all a signal that says “fck off” but they’re still gonna catch a glimpse at your overall outfit and wonder where you got those classy booties.
Anyway, stay cute..

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