Back To Reality

What a weekend, indeed.
Untitled #50

Victoria Victoria Beckham white tee
9,035 PHP –

Bottega Veneta twill pants
23,320 PHP –

STELLA McCARTNEY heeled sandals
32,565 PHP –

Proenza Schouler handbag purse
47,590 PHP –

If I would be corporate woman who just got back from Coachella with a total hangover of all the events that happened, this would be my getup (rather similar) at work.
I mean, you can do no wrong with a white shirt/blouse, right? Unless you accidentally spill coffee on yourself or from a handsome stranger or from that work mate who hates your or whatever.
Never forget to wear heels… Well, that actually depends on you but it would be classier with heels. Make sure it’s black.
Also, do not forget the purse. You need your belongings ya know.
And the pants too. Make sure you’re sober enough (try to) to put on some pants because whaddup. You don’t want to be the female version of the guy Robin dated in season 6 who doesn’t  wear pants.
creds to the person who owns the feature image because i obviously don’t

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